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DICOM Deidentification App


MIDI study DICOM deidentification tool

MIDIcom is a piece of software designed to make data collection for the MIDI study as simple and easy as possible. It can collate, deidentify, and transfer DICOM files while ensuring security and keeping track of enrolled subjects.

The program can run on any Windows 10 PC without any required installation or prerequisites.

The software has two functions both designed to be simple and easy to use;

  • DICOM deidentification – By specifying an input folder and an enrolment log file, the application will search all contents of the folder and deidentify any DICOM files to the correct study ID. After deidentification the files will be copied to the appropriate place in the output folder.
  • Report text collation – Report text can be easily attached to processed files using a built-in window
  • Data transfer – Using SFTP, the app can compress and securely transfer anonymised files to KCL data storage